Do you believe in magic?

when you’re walking around on a crowded downtown street (ha! I was just make believin’ I was in The Big Apple rather than cowtown) do you ever wonder if everybody else is having the same experience as you are? Or should I say, wonder if everyone is else is also daydreaming about chocolate coffee cake and ice cream? The answer is a resounding NO. Each and every one of out experiences are 100% unique, because each and every single one of us is 100% unique, get it? Of course the sun shines equally for everyone, but not everyone has the same sensation when we feel it on our faces. Some people squint, some people complain and wish for shade, some people even (gasp!) curse the sun and it’s brightness. Tsk Tsk. To each his own, I say, but I’m happiest when the warmth is heating up my forehead and shoulders; it gives me a bounce in my step and a song in my heart. And yeah, sometimes a sun burn when I stand there for TOO long, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take for vitamin D and hope. 7 billion plus people on the planet and each one experiencing a different reality. Things that make ya go Hmmmmm…


I say, let the sun shine in : )

Love ya’ll

Flyin’ high

you know what tastes really good? Everything that makes you happy. I say, if it creeps up in to your heart then slather it with melted chocolate and crispy bits of succulent bacon and EAT. THAT. SHIT. I mean like, smack your lips, make questionable sounds from the back of your throat (Ehm, ¬†get your mind out of the gutter!) suck on your fingers and don’t forget to share with a friend, or three.

As I write this my belly is full of good food, my heart is filled with the voices of all the incredible souls I’ve run in to these past couple of months, and I am watching “The little Prince”. An old twist on a new classic. It’s about the uniqueness of every rose, the dangers of taming wild animals, star-crossed weirdness, other worlds and dimensions, AND how to properly destroy a young child by making them follow a “life plan”. Ugh, I just threw up in my mouth a little. I’d highly recommend it, but then again I’m a hopeless romantic so…

My heart goes out to the those who have dimmed the glow-in-the-dark stars on their bedroom ceiling because they thought that it was too childish to wish on stars and to count them. Not only do I have the feelies for you, I am also tempted to get down off my unicorn and lovingly smack you silly. And give you a cookie and a glass of milk (yeah, the casein-free, organic, hypoallergenic kind) and tuck you in to your superman sheets for a good life’s sleep.

Sweet dreams, dear friends. Tomorrow will be even brighter and grander.

Play by Play

Hey all-been a while, eh? Summertime was a wacky and wild ride; rain storms, trips back home and now that I’m (somewhat) restored I’d like to share some of my writing with you…thanks to those who kept their eyes on me to make sure I didn’t bust up my nose falling, it sure takes some good friends to keep an eye on my blind spot(s) ha ha ha

Feels good to look out the window and see the sun
Washing off the day, or should I say, layers of fear that had kept me chained to my own mortal self
Let the rain wash me anew, no more singing the blues, a real melody confident and true
Let this moment bring clarity like never before; I wish to soar to Neverending skies, to that which hums “om”, in keys of harmony
They say that which doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger to persevere for one day longer
Let me be as freshly born from water in to water, my sister, my daughter, I caught her
Not to cage her but to set her free, just let her be and you will see her float up up and away so easily, breezily like a feather on the wind
And here is my hand at a different kind of poetry…
Free flow not so slow but oh so in my growth so I go on and spin
I came to win not to sin but to complete the task at hand
Damn what can I say that I’m a tough nut to crack but the reward is always sweet
A treat that just can’t be beat like a blizzard or a dairy delight
So light in flight that it’s almost like a damn boulder on the front lawn
I thought you were gone but here you are standing strong like a soldier in the night
It ain’t right but it’s getting together
Another protection from the weather
Don’t know if whether your weather will turn or to be for better or worse but we’ll converse in Morse code until the sun shines on and on to the beat of one drum one heart one mind so sublime in its time it makes the words rhyme
Don’t know if I should by the by, tell you that I dig you and crave your touch, even if your touch sometimes hurts I would come back over and over again just to be close enough to feel you to breathe you in oh you don’t know me man I’m a mocha kinda girl but like Tucan Sam I’m following my nose through the jungle so the poachers don’t catch my trail, catch my prose?
I guess we are suckas for pain but there’s sunshine after the rain so just hold out don’t give up it’s comin’ now winter’s creepin’ up on us but spring is just around the corner
If it’s too much just tell me to stop OR don’t stop until you pop the bubble that encases us, enrages us puts a grave on us makes slaves of us
It was like that from the moment I walked in the door but I was shy ‘cuz I’ve been hurt and unsure if it was a reflection or just me misreading the signs you see I’m a little tied up momentarily but I’m working hard on getting out of these binds
Who can we trust if not trust itself busted health need to bust out
Don’t matter now if the words rhyme or not ‘cuz we’re hot in the pot ready to boil over in to the ocean blue

Gold crown astounds the crowds with sounds of clouds change abounds and astounds

Alone in the crowd she looks for a familiar face to taste the taste of what REAL freedom tastes like
It’s like love at first flight, on site with no sight I WILL stay and fight or stay and light up the room with a knife and a spoon in bed like a cocoon not too soon not too late just the perfect time for a first date
Butterflies await and rainbows and sweet cakes in our wake it’ll be like a wedding dressed as a funeral a burial of an old way and then a new world unfurled in my twirled hair I know you stare and you can’t help it ‘cuz my glare is blinding and inviting dances on air like Fred Astaire
Who cares? we don’t care and if they stare it’s just because they don’t know you like I do and I don’t know me like you do so I’ll do me and you’ll do you do and together we’ll just fuck ‘EM all : )
And for your viewing pleasure, a flashback to my Disney days : p
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