Booby trapped

ok I’ve had enough with playing it cool. I tried the whole “sit cross legged like a monk and just “be”. It totally doesn’t resonate with the very nature of who I am. Well, there’s a part of me that appreciates the stillness until my foot or nose start itching and then all zen is thrown out the window. I’m working on a complete acceptance of myself, which can be challenging because I change “myself” often enough that about every third day I have to look in the mirror to get a better look at who I’ve become. That being written, my core values have remained the same-do good, be real, and trust not the person who doesn’t like chocolate.

As this year comes to a close (and believe me, I’m as relieved as you are) I look back at hand pick some very powerful and memorable moments that I hope I’ll always remember; an incredible surprise birthday party planned by the father of my children, the support of my network as I embarked on a new life path, destination still unknown. Falling in love with an idea; this is a multi faceted notion as it brings to the surface several questions: if the idea exists, does that make it real? If it is real, is it meant for me in this time or is just knowing that the idea is out there but perhaps will only be enjoyed vicariously, enough? I have had the privilege of meeting and getting to know a ton of different people this year; although some of the memories may make me cringe a little, each and every one has taught me something about myself and life and I value that. My choices in teachers may be questionable at times but as the saying goes “when the student is ready the teacher appears”, so perhaps it wasn’t a choice at all but the universe sending me what I needed at the time, through the methods that would make most sense to me.

I have also had warming experiences with people on a professional level that deserve mention; of course they may never read this but I hope that the “good joo joo” is out there on and they catch wind of it. To the receptionist who would compliment me calling me young lady and reminded me that age is   Irrelevant when compared to the youth of the heart-I’ll always remember your humour and kindness. AND the uncanny similarities in our tastes in music. And to your coworker who is making it happen, a working parent away from home-Respect. You are an example for those who strive for “more” or “different”. The environment that y’all have created is reflective of your unique and beautiful personalities and each and every one of your clients is lucky to be served by such caring people. I hope your boss gets you something really nice for Christmas : p

Remember: today is the first day of the rest of your life. Enjoy the sunshine and pour one out for your homegirl!



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