Graceful resilience

ok maybe it’s a really messy resilience but I will honour the steadfastness of it all. I’ve decided, at least for this moment in time, to allow “okayness” to flow through me as I look at my surroundings with different eyes. Although positivity and meditation have certainly helped, they have never been the be all and end all of healing; what feels most comfortable, for me, is acceptance of my entire being and all it’s imperfections. That’s not to say that I don’t strive to improve that which I find is necessary to improve, but what I’d like to highlight is that the areas that need improvement will show themselves without force or fanfare.

strangely enough the more I love the quirks and ticks that make me, Me, the better I feel. The more I bathe in “okayness”  the more I get of that cradled feeling; it starts from my head, sleepy-like, and encompasses my entire body like a soft blanket. In those moments I feel supported and understood, and most importantly, accepted in my incomplete completeness.

If I haven’t been able to express this yet, let me take a moment to write this: some things I may write lightly but anything I have ever written out of pure love and emotion has come right from my hand and has been sent right from heart centre. Any doubts that have come after that are purely a form of self-preservation and are not a true reflection of the truth that I am  100% sure of, deep down in the waters of my mind.

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This is my method of public speaking without the embarrassment of getting up on stage and realizing that I’m not wearing pants.

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