solstice approaches and I am reminded of the luxurious comfort that darkness can bring; new beginnings coming from other beginning’s ends, and the whimsical bliss of a chinook wind blowing into the city. 

The initial intent of this blog was to, well, just write, unapologetically. And thus I begin again. And again. And again until the ache of necessary change lessens and is replaced by sweet relief, however that presents itself.

Today I pondered on the concept of wanting “more” or “different”-is it a design, a fault, a random fluke, fate, luck? Is at all of these or none? I suppose there’s no definite answer as we all attempt our way through this life, blindfolded on a tightrope with no safety net. Maybe that’s just it, the thrill of it all, and the fact that none of it comes without some level of risk-taking. 

Letting go of what we “thought” our life would turn out to be or what we “planned” can be the most beautifully painful part of reaching for something new or different; often these “in-between” periods have the humbling ability to highlight our hidden faults or weaknesses. This of course provides opportunities for improvement, however small or odd they may seem. From each of these trials and errors we rise a little higher (or sometimes sink a little and then rise up), and our perspective changes-whether it’s a.m. Or p.m. It’s still a day that we can call our own.

and here is a raw, unfiltered photo of my glassy-eyed self-in all my messy glory

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This is my method of public speaking without the embarrassment of getting up on stage and realizing that I’m not wearing pants.

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