Floating downstream

Yesterday I was reminded of something very important-the necessity of FEELING. Sure, it’s easy and welcomed when those feelings come in the form of “good”, such as laughter, joy, love, etc. But what about when the feelings are deemed “bad”, such as tears, heartache, loss, etc.? I think that illuminates the first point-that we label the feelings in those categories and therefore will do almost anything to avoid the “darker” emotions. More often than not, though, the greatest transformations are born from entering, experiencing and then emerging from those darker places. Nobody makes the “hero” list without first enduring some type of struggle(s) and living to tell the tale. It’s certainly not pretty while it’s happening, though. Actually it’s quite ugly and can be confusing and there will be many, many moments when you’re just about to give up. And then always at the “right” moment you’ll get a message from the strangest of places (the back of a cereal box, a funny-shaped cloud, a random meme on social media) that releases just the tiniest reminder of what the bigger goal is. That glimmer may only last a few hours, a few days, but it can be the light that pushes you a little more forward. The hurdles will always be there, and it would be unrealistic to pretend that they don’t exist-but if we could just somehow wrap our minds around the concept of “accepting what is” in that moment, and more importantly, accepting the messiness that may accompany it, may just help ease the moment a little. Maybe. That and treating ONE another with kindness, starting with ONEself.

The more we learn, the less we know, which is so very exciting! It means that we will never run out of things to do or experiences to have. Tastes change, interests change, life evolves. We will most likely know what to do or not do in any particular moment by listening to our bodies and trusting that little inner voice that says “eat some chocolate and take a nap.” Or whatever your little voice says, mine can only speak for itself. And as far as being concerned about how things will turn out? Meh. Nobody really knows, so just do IT, whatever “IT” is, and have no regrets. There’s no tallying, and there’s definitely glory in the “trying”. Some people were born to be the rocks and some people were born to be the rivers, and the twain always meet.

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