A letter to Myself

Dear Friend,

It’s been a while since I’ve heard from you-how are you? I thought I’d Let you know that things have been Overly busy and Very Exhausting over here but I believe this Year is an Opportunity to Unfold a new lotus, petal by petal.

I tend to get stuck in my head and don’t do very great at the whole relationship thing; I am often a royal brat, plain and simple. It’s one of my charms, really : )

The past few months have given me a whole new view on big life events, the change in seasons and how they’re so closely tied together. So much is to be said about nature and human emotions, but who has the brain space for all of that?!

I really hope you’re doing well; I’d like to send you flowers but they’d wilt by the time they got to you by plane. It’s a shame we live so far apart (you being in one corner of my brain and me being in the other corner, with the rest of the space being filled by noodles)…I can honestly say that I’ve missed you, on more than one occasion, and often resort to reliving old memories to try to smile and have some laughs. I’m only slightly concerned that my social interactions have turned in to a one-person show where I’m snorting at my own punch lines. After the second glass of wine I get more confident and don’t even need the microphone anymore. (Microphone being a set of old chopsticks and a stale sweet and sour chicken ball that I find randomly underneath the bed) 

It’d be totally rad if you dropped me a line or two, just to ease my mind.

With unwavering affection and a prescription for sarcasm at 100 mg/day,

Your Friend 

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